Activities in Elounda, Crete, Greece

Elounda, in Crete, Greece, is by some people thought to be a Sea & Sun destination and that all activities are around this theme.

Well this is not entirely true. Surely there is a wide range of water sports, such as water skiing, jet skiing, cubes and a plethora of others, motor & sailing boats available for hire & snorkeling or diving, everything that Water Lovers are craving for, but this is not the only element that makes Elounda so special.

Starting from the surrounding hills and mountains, there are hiking trails crossing the amazing country side, where somebody can view the local flora, which is varying from orchids to rose bushes, a sheer pleasure for the soul.

There are priceless ancient monuments that somebody can visit, dated from the Minoan or the Byzantine era to the Venetian and Ottoman occupation days. Even remains of the German occupation time can be found, as Elounda was an Allies' Refuelling Station during WWII.

Historical and Nautical museums, art galleries will please everyone that loves tripping into the Human history. 

As for those with a more contemporary view, clubbing, fine dining & shopping are at their best, either in Elounda or the nearest town (9km), Agios Nikolaos. A fantastic market is also located in Heraklion (50 min. drive), for clothing to mobile phone at very nice pricing, which can be combined with a visit to the Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archeological Museum (a must see for everyone visiting Crete).

Winter visitors also get their share, with activities such as olives' collection (to produce the famous Cretan Olive Oil), to bird watching and Religious Icons painting seminars.

One thing is for sure: The only way to get bored in Elounda, is only if you want to!    

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