Kritsa Traditional Village, Lasshithi, Crete

Kritsa is a magnificent traditional village of the Lasshithi region, approximately 11 km. west of the town of Agios Nikolaos, lays on an altitude of 375 m. Its inhabitants are the descends of the ancient city "Lato Etera", whose ruins are discovered 3 km. northwest of the village.

A few axcavations are in progress, showing the ancient market place, the Tribune ("Pritaneion") and the city's sacred sanctuary.

Kritsa has many Byzantine churches with wonderful frescoes of the 24th and 15th century.
The most remarkable is the famous "Panagia Kera", with its dome and steep sides, surrounded by cypress trees offering an astonishing sight.

On the way to the village of Krousta, around 15 min from Kritsa, one can easily reach the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos (built in 1,215 AC) which also served as a secret meeting point for the rebel Captains, during the revolution in Eastern Crete.

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