"September 2010, Solfeance"


Our first Solfeance had a burning issue for discussion. As Greece is trying to expand its touristic product, further than the "sun & sea" model we had so far, the need for new "products" is imperative. Tourism is the only "heavy" industry left in our country and new perspectives in all levels of production, must be researched and applied.

In this Solfeance, we wanted to explore the potential of how Greek gastronomy could become a pole of touristic attraction. But we wanted to take it one step further. How could gastronomy, be incorporated in elementary schools in order to provide children from a very young age, with knowledge of their culinary heritage and its nutritional value, their local seasonal products, intrigue their creativity and even more to infuse the concepts of autonomy & self sufficiency as they grow older. Additionally, how could this knowledge assist them in developing their social skills, in order to develop well balanced social relationships.

All of our friends were highly triggered by the subject and contributed to the conversation, which resulted to some very interesting proceedings, which you can read in the relevant section.

Needless to say that a major role to kickstarting the discussion, played the magnificent dishes by our chef Paul Delios, a proof that gastronomy is not only a journey to all of our senses, but also to our personal past, our history and our country.

After reading our proceedings, feel free to send us your opinion, your critique or even more ideas to enrich our knowledge, at sales@eloundasolfezvillas.com.

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