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The "Minoan Trail' Riddle

They called me the “Royal Game”, even though some for the wrong reasons. Lands & Kings claim to be my fathers but Ancient Father I am considered to be, of a renowned game for analytic minds. My habitants were cones from bones.

I lived for thousands of years under the soil of the Palace but now thousands of eyes come to see me in my new glass home.

Say my Minoan name and two of the materials I was created from and I will grand you a pass to visit me...

The Answer is:

The “Mega Zatrikion”, found during the excavations at the Knossos Palace, by Sir Arthur Evans (1851 – 1941).

The materials it was created from were Ivory, Blue rock (glass pasted), rock crystal (from the quartz family) and it was decorated with gold and silver leafs. It was found along with four ivory pones, and has 104 cm length and 61 cm width.

It was found at the south end of a narrow palace’s corridor (No. 47), which was named after it as the “Zatrikion Corridor”, while the pones, in a short distance to the south. Theories mention that initially it was a calendar.


The Winner is Mrs. Maria Milona


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Artwork by Sotiriadis Bros.